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AS8510 Analog Front-End

Data acquisition IC for battery management, dual ADC


  • First 16-bit dual ADC and PGA data acquisition ASSP with zero offset as a flexible sensor interface
  • Offset <1 LSB
  • Noise <1 LSB@1kHz, 1 Sigma


  • Highest accuracy dual ADC for signal conditioning up to 4kHz
  • Flexible concept enables short time to market in evolving field of battery management
  • Full AEC-Q100 conformance

Product parameters

Channels [#] 1 + 3 mux
Resolution [bit] 16
Sampling Rate [kSPS] 4
Zero Offset Yes
Supply Voltage [V] 3.3
Standby Current [µA] 40
µC Interface SPI
Supply Current [mA] 4
Package SSOP-20

General Description

The AS8510 data acquisition front-end IC is a virtually offset free, low noise, 2-channel measurement device. It is tailored to accurately measure battery current from mA range up to kA range in combination with a 100 µOhm shunt resistor connected in series with the battery rail. Through the second measurement channel it enables capture of either battery voltage synchronous with the current or to measure the analog output of an internal or external temperature sensor.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Battery sensor with current sensor in the battery minus rail
  • Battery sensor with current sensor in the battery plus rail together with AS8525 zero offset PGA and level translator
  • General purpose sensor interface for high accuracy resistive sensors. The 2-channel architecture enables digital error correction techniques like delta by sigma division or capture of bridge current/voltages with subsequent error correction in external µC
  • E-scooter battery management


Title Category Headline Buy
AS8510CopperShuntBoard Application Board Reference Design (Copper Shunt) for AS8510
AS8510DemoKit Application Board Demo Kit for AS8510
AS8510ReferenceDesign Application Board Reference Design for AS8510
AS8510ReferenceDesignArduino Application Board Reference Design Arduino for AS8510
USB-Interface-Board Accessories USB Interface Board

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
AS8510_AN000545_1-00.pdf Application Note Copper Mini Shunt 1-00 English
AS8510_AN000544_1-00.pdf Application Note Arduino shield 1-00 English
AS8510_BD000305_1-00.png Block Diagram AS8510 Block Diagram 1-00 English
AS8510_DS000297_3-00.pdf Datasheet Document version 3.8 3-00 English
AS8510_FS000114_3-00.pdf Factsheet Battery Sensing 3-00 English
USB-Interface-Board_PD000471_1-00.JPG Other Product Document Picture of USB Interface Board 1-00 English
AS8510_PD000305_1-00.png Other Product Document AS8510CopperShuntBoard Image 1-00 English
AS8510_PD000306_1-00.png Other Product Document AS8510DemoKit Image 1-00 English
AS8510_PD000307_1-00.png Other Product Document AS8510ReferenceDesign Image 1-00 English
AS8510_PD000308_1-00.png Other Product Document AS8510ReferenceDesignArduino Image 1-00 English
AS8510_RC000134_1-00.pdf RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate AS8510 1-00 English
USB-Interface-Board_UG000394_1-00.pdf User Guide User Manual of USB Interface Board 1-00 English
AS8510_UG000132_2-00.pdf User Guide High Side Reference Design Manual 2-00 English
AS8510_UG000384_1-00.PDF User Guide Demo Board User Manual 1-00 English
AS8510_UG000100_1-00.pdf User Guide Adapter board 1-00 English

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