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NanEye Stereo

Miniature digital 3D solution


  • Combination of 2 NanEye in 2.2x1mm module
  • Frame rate of 43-62fps @ 249x250 resolution
  • Possible to drive a signal through an endoscope of up to 3m
  • Designed with a focus on cost efficiency
  • 3-micron high sensitive pixel with 62k pixel resolution (125k for stereo module)


  • Compact stereo vision
  • Smooth and accurate image
  • Reach further
  • Affordable single use application
  • Envision the unseen

Product parameters

Resolution [kP] 125
Pixel Size [µm] 3
Size [mm2] 2.2
Shutter Type Rolling
Frame Rate [fps] 62
Output Interface​ LVDS 2x 38Mbps
Option RGB
Package Module with cable
Special Features Integrated Optics and Cable

General Description

NanEye Stereo offers the smallest physical dimensions of a digital 3D solution, a true system on chip camera head with fully self timed readout sequencing, AD conversion to 10 bit and bit serial data transmission over LVDS. With it’s 2 x 250 x 250 pixels at 3um pitch and footprint of just 2.2x1mm and height of 1.78mm with integrated optics comprises high aligment of the 2 cameras heads due to wafer level packaging. Futhermore, frame synchronization is also possible.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Medical (Endoscopy, Intraoral Scanning)
  • Industrial Endoscopy, Robotics, IoT
  • Wearable Devices (Eye Tracking, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Gesture Recognition)
  • 3D Imaging


Title Category Headline Buy
NanoUSB2 Eval Kit Application Board NanoUSB2 Eval Kit
NanEye_FOB_2.0 Application Board NanEye Fiber Optic Box 2.0

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
NanEye__NanEyeStereo_BD000122_1-00.png Block Diagram NanEye 2D Block Diagram 1-00 English
NanEye_NanEyeStereo_DS000501_2-02.pdf Datasheet 1x1mm, 250x250 pixel; full datasheet 2-02 English
NanEye_FOB_FS000209_1-00.PDF Factsheet NanEye USB/HDMI Fiber Optic Box 1-00 English
NanEye_Fiber_Optic_Box_2-0_PD000422_1-00.jpg Other Product Document Fiber Optic Box Picture 1-00 English
CMOSImageSensors_PD000121_2-00.pdf Other Product Document Product Catalog CMOS Image Sensors 2-00 English
NanEye_NanEyeStereo_PD000136_1-00.pdf Other Product Document RoHS 1-00 English

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