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The modules are ideal for a wide range of end products including wearable devices, medical monitors, industrial equipment and mobile devices. Biometric sensors from ams are able to achieve the highest accuracy ratings in the industry because of a combination of a low-noise analog and optical front-end and custom ams software and algorithms. Drawing on expertise in optical sensing in mobile devices, ams provides OEMs with electrical, mechanical and optical design guidelines to enable designers to quickly realize a successful implementation.

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Optical module with LEDs, integrated IC, analog front-end and Cortex-M0 processor

2.6 - 3.6 1.7V-VDD -30 to 70 18-pin module Green and Green HRV, PRV AS7000

Smart Health & Fitness Solution

2.7 to 5.5 I²C Slave, Standard (100kHz) and Fast Mode (400kHz) -30 to 70 20 pins, 6.1mm x 2.7mm x 1mm 2 Green, 1 IR Blood Pressure, HRM, HRV AS7024