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Augmented Hearing – Digital ANC

Digital ANC - Augmented Hearing

ams Digital Augmented Hearing Solutions enable a new era of audio devices in wireless and true wireless earbud designs. The Digital ANC device supports ‘Hear what you want to hear’ functionality for loose fit earbuds. It tunes out ambient noise through market leading Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) performance >40dB and simultaneous tunes in speech and music with natural and boosted transparency modes.
The technology supports all 3 types of ANC topologies (feed-forward, feed-back and hybrid) as well as ams unique Automatic Leakage Compensation (ALC) for loose fit earbuds. ALC end users’ benefit from an optimized and stable ANC performance no matter how tightly or loosely the earbud fits into the user’s ear.
The technology also supports “Automatic Preset Selection” (APS), which automatically adapts the ANC performance to different ambient noise environments.

Analog ANC

Analog ANC

Analog Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) can be implemented in wired On, Over and In-Ear Headphones as well as wireless and true wireless earbuds. ANC improves the quality of music listening and phone conversations by reducing the volume of background ambient noise.

The ams analog ANC chips offer:

  • ultra-low power consumption,
  • best-in-class noise-reduction performance,
  • the smallest board footprint.

Extensive system know-how ensures that customers manage effectively the acoustic, mechanical and electrical aspects of their headset designs.

Power and communication interface

Power and communication interface - POW:COM

ams POW:COM power and communication interface products enable simultaneous accessory charging and communication for wireless and true wireless earbuds. Requiring just two pins per device, POW:COM increases design flexibility and helps improve the reliability of charging operations. The additional communication capabilities provided by this interface also enhance the experience of using earbuds equipped with ams POW:COM Solutions.